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    What is Injera?

    Injera is a soft, spongy textured, sourdough-risen flatbread also called Taita that has a unique taste. Injera is made from different grinded seeds and teff flour, it is a traditional bread in Eritrea and Ethiopia. Injera is served with a variety of stews, curry-like dish and salad on the side. Usually a large plate of injera is shared between a group and eaten with hands.

    How is Injera eaten?

    Injera is eaten using one hand, rip a small piece from the large injera, use the injera to pick up bits of the meat, veg, salad and sauce, wrap it around the food and you want to eat and gracefully deliver it to your mouth. As you eat, the injera will be packed with flavour and juices as it is soaked from the stew sauce. Finally, there will be a last layer of injera this is also eaten.

    If you suffer from food intolerance or allergy please let your server know before or whilst placing your order.


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